Ever notice that you can tell how comfortable a home is just by walking through the front door?  Is it too hot or cold? Too humid or dry? Does it smell clean and fresh, or stale and musty?  With the average person spending at  least a third of their day sleeping in their home, don't you think your home should be as comfortable as possible?


At Top Notch Mechanical, we're dedicated to giving your home the very best indoor air quality possible.  We do so by installing the best-in-class products that bring the many benefits of enhanced indoor air quality to every room in your home.  Our products install into your new or existing heating and cooling system and work invisibly, silently and automatically treat your indoor air 24/7/365 a year


Aprilaire Whole-Home Indoor Air Quality products don't just treat your home's air quality challenges, they solve them once and for all.  Whether you're looking for year-round humidly control, air cleaning, ventilation or temperature control solution, take a look at Aprilaire products.